Tuesday, May 10, 2011

WE@RIT WE Lead: Women, Leadership & Sustainability Program


WE@RIT WE Lead: Women, Leadership & Sustainability Program
An inspiring, educational on-line course that you can participate in while on vacation over the summer!

WE Lead is an online course designed for young women in grades 10-12 to develop critical leadership skills.  Learn about leadership and communication styles, cultural leadership, sustainability, and ethics as you contribute to your community and reach your leadership potential.

Course Overview
Exclusive, 6-week online course features six different modules that will teach you:
·  How sustainability balances the needs of people, society, and our planet.
·  Why effective leadership inspires others.
·  The importance of ethical decision-making.
·  How different leadership styles add value.
·  The impact of strong communication skills on building relationships.
·  How contributing to society betters the world.



Registration can be filled out online.
Please register as soon as possible as we anticipate this course to fill up quickly.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check out the program FAQ.

Contact:  Jodi Carville, WE@RIT Program Manager
Email:  WE@RIT.edu     Website:  WE.RIT.EDU

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