Monday, September 24, 2018

College Connections - College Planning Workshops

College Connections will be hosting several college planning workshops. Anyone interested in receiving college application help is encouraged to attend. 

College Admissions 101: Understanding the CUNY Admissions Process. 
Students who attend will be able to assess and identify colleges that fit their interests.
Date: Thursday 9/27/18
Location: College Connections Project @ 163 West 125th Street, 14th Floor (1412) NY, NY 10027
Time: 2 pm - 4 pm

CUNY College Application Help
Topic: Students will receive on the spot assistance completing the CUNY college application
Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Location: College Connections Project @ 163 West 125th Street, 14th Floor (1412) NY, NY 10027
Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Financial Aid Workshop
Topic: Student will understand the different types of financial aid available and the process to apply for aid.

Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2018
Location: College Connections Project @ 163 West 125th Street, 14th Floor (1412) NY, NY 10027
Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Please note: College Connections is located in a building that has a strict guest policy and all visitors must RSVP here:

We look forward to serving your students through another successful year.


College Connections Project

Parents Against Vaping e-cigarettes event,

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Free Programs : one for 6th-9th graders and one for girls ages 12-15

CMA just opened an after-school for the Fall. We have two programs, Young Artist Kollective (YAK) and GirlStories. YAK is an open studio drop-in program with a monthly art-making party (Art Slam) and GirlStories is a more structured, smaller weekly group that the kids have to apply to be a part of. Info below. Both free of cost! 

Learn & Earn for High School Juniors & Seniors

High school juniors and seniors in Learn & Earn (formerly the In-School Youth program) can get help with career exploration, college readiness, and finishing high school. Apply through September 30. Contact Youth Connect at 1-800-246-4646 or 646-343-6800 to learn more and find a location near you.

Top Honors for 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students (Math Tutoring for motivated but under-performing students)

Top Honors (TH) is opening its doors for its 17th program year, and the enrollment application is now open for our free math tutoring program! We invite interested NYC parents with children in need of middle school math support to submit an online application at this time.

Founded in 2002, TH is a private, nonprofit educational charity that provides free, 1-on-1, math tutoring in Downtown Brooklyn and on the Upper West Side. We are funded with the support of our community volunteers, private grants, individual supporters, and fundraising events. We offer our math program at no expense to our families. 

Our program works with 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students who are motivated, yet can be described as under-performing in their math classroom. We welcome students from all five boroughs of NYC. We work with students who demonstrate a need for math support and compatibility with our program's structure.

We do not provide homework help or test preparation. Rather, Top Honors assesses gaps in students' math skills. Then, our tutors use an in-house math curriculum that builds out fundamental middle school math mastery.

Students commit to one session and attend the same one between October - May. Students commit to a full year of weekly tutoring. Our schedule is available at

Downtown Brooklyn near MetroTech
Saturdays 10am-12pm
Saturdays 1pm-3pm

UWS Manhattan on 93rd Street
Saturdays 10am-12pm
Saturdays 1pm-3pm
Wednesdays 6:00pm-8pm
OUR TUTORSTop Honors tutors are everyday NYC citizens who volunteer their time. 90% of tutors are young adult working professionals, 10% are advanced high school students or college / graduate level students.

APPLICATION STEPSHere are the steps to begin the application process:
1) Submit an online application for EACH child a parent wishes to enroll here.
  • If you do not have 2018 state math test scores, please contact your school's leader. We have found that public school administrators are quite understanding when parents offer an explanation of why you seek this information, as part of the application to our program. At the time of this e-mail, scores have not yet been released. Please submit using ANTICIPATED scores and make a notation stating so. When they become available, parents should e-mail updated scores to TH.
2) Register each child for an interview date (parents will be prompted to register for an interview appointment on the application's confirmation page through a link).

3) Wait for a confirmation e-mail for the interview date.

4) Attend interview on time (both parent and child).

If parents or caregivers have any immediate questions, please first review the information at