Recommended Therapists for Teens

An  inquiry for a therapist good for a teen prompted some suggestions :

We liked Beatrice Segal at 26 Court St


She takes GHI, not sure what else


My 14 year old step-daughter has recently started to go to Amy Haimes in
Brooklyn Heights. First my husband and I met with Amy and then the
three of us had a session. This week will be the third visit with just
my step-daughter. My husband and I feel our child is in capable hands
and from what she tells us, she herself feels she is getting value from
it. Amy's phone number is: 718-852-3713. We have to pay Amy up front
and do the paper work to get reimbursed from our insurance.


marsha blank in Windsor Terrace is a gem.Not sure what insurance she takes.


Our experience with Marsha Blank for work with adolescents was more effective
than I could have imagined. 


Once again I recommend Marcia Blank for the teen problems. 718-965-2817. Without her, we would not have survived the teen years.


 You can try David Wilson (teen specialist)
in the Slope at 917 751 0177, but he doesn't take GHI. He also does hypnosis.


When I was looking for a therapist for my 10yo, I called many and Karen was the best fit for my family. I highly recommend her! I can only also suggest for the mother to get as many recs as possible, call and talk with ALL of them. Location, insurance and their work experience are so personal to her daughters needs. She really needs to find the right one.

Karen Kauffmann, Ph.D.

190 Berkeley Place

Brooklyn 11217

718 638 7244


Try the Jewish Board on 94th and Marine. They have therapists and psych. 718-238-6444


I have two I recommend both with Park Slope offices but I am not sure what insurances (if any) that they take:

Madeline Fisher- 212-260-8933 (I know it is a 212 number)
Lori Evans-718-369- 9284

As a school social worker I have recommended both women to several families who have met with great success.


Warren Spielberg on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights, was very effective for us. He made us realize that many of our son's issues were rooted in family issues, and worked with us with that focus. Helped a lot.


My 12 year old really likes his therapist Susan Caputo who is on 15th street between 5th and 6th avenues in Brooklyn. She is kind, gentle and persistent.


Jay Tilson on PPW and 7th streeet
 718 499-5791
he's wonderful