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we hired a great
adviser who really connected with my son and had a great method of addressing all those
important components.

Our college counselor was wonderful and an important factor in building my
son's confidence, keeping him organized and helping him focus and think
through what he wanted out of college.  It is good to have a neutral person
with experience and skills as families embark on this important step.
Greg will come to you or meet your teen at a convenient place.

Greg Millar


Rachel Coates is another counselor. We didn’t hire her for one-on-one counseling, but I’ve attended several talks she’s given about various aspects of college admissions, and she definitely knows her stuff.


I found our consultant - Rachel Coates (www.EduCoates) - whom I HIGHLY recommend - brought out the best in my daughter, but the application was absolutely my daughter's own. The process is not anywhere near what it was when I applied to college; it is far more intense and crazier these days, and was all new to me.

Rachel helped my daughter through decisions, but again the decisions were hers. An admissions consultant shouldn't tell you what to do, since you have to live with all the decisions, not the consultant. 


I recommend Aaron Kind.
Aaron is an experienced focused and kind person. He is currently the College Advisor at Bronx Science. He does private college consulting as well, and is allowed to work privately with students who are not attending Bronx Science. Aaron's rates are extremely reasonable and he will work to create a program that works for your specific family and situation, creating the categories where help is needed, and pricing to reflect that. He is not one of the one-price-covers-all type of advisors. Aaron has worked with various families through The Tutoring Collective. He is an independent person and I was impressed with him so I recommend him to families. All of whom have been extremely happy.
Here is his contact information:


I can't locate the original post, but a  parent with an 8th grader attending a special needs school was looking for recommendations for a college counselor.  

The college counselor who worked with my daughter suggests contacting Mary Miele at Evolved Education


We loved Deena Maerowitz:


I wanted to give a very strong recommendation for another amazing college advisor. I have known her for years, and she is smart and insightful and very knowledgeable.
Jennifer Plassman
She also have a Facebook page at Jennifer Plassman Admissions Consulting where she post articles relevant to the college admissions process.
If you want to check her out!


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  1. We hired a college advisor called Gabrielle Glancy, who’s written a couple of books about the college application process (“Unstuck”) and a how-to about writing college essays (“The Art of the College Essay”).

    She mostly worked with our daughter on her writing, and seemed to really care about her work. Gabrielle also helped our daughter organize her deadlines and stay on top of the mammoth prospect of applying to 15 colleges, many of whom required their own supplemental essays.

    Our daughter connected well with Gabrielle, and found their weekly conference calls very helpful. They never actually met in person, but this didn’t seem to be a hindrance. Be prepared for a months-long commitment that will take a hefty chunk out of your wallet, but one that is ultimately incredibly helpful.

    Contact her here: