Orthodontist Recommendations

I recommend Dr. Kolin, 185 Montague (a block from the boro hall subway stop), who has a practice with his daughter.  He will explain everything to you.  Nice, competent front desk and other staff.  We always run into other friends there.  I also don’t know about insurance, etc.  718-622-6741.

Both of my kids went to Dr. Kolin and their teeth are now straight, so that's
the most important thing. It can get very crowded in there on the weekends and
can be a bit of an assembly line. For both of my kids, treatment went on for
several *years* beyond the original estimate, and yes, the office will continue
to see them at no additional cost for as long as it takes, but it does get
annoying to have to keep going back month after month.

Something I realized is that they get so busy on weekends that they will put off
doing something till the "next visit" -- so they will just make minor
adjustments rather than a larger (more time-consuming) thing that needs to be
done to really move things forward. The summer before my daughter started high
school, Dr. Kolin's office kept telling her month after month that "next time,"
she would get her braces off. Of course she really wanted them off before high
school. Finally I had to go in with her and when they were again going to put
off removing the braces till "next visit," I questioned them pretty closely
about why they were putting it off yet again, and as I suspected, there was no
reason at all other than that they were busy. So the braces came off that day,
but if I hadn't gone in with her, it wouldn't have happened. In retrospect, I
think that kind of thing probably happened a lot, and that made the treatment
take an extra-long time.

Overall, I can't complain, because the results were good, but with a big, busy
practice like this, parents might need to monitor the progress.


We use Dr. Kolin on Montague (718) 622-6741. He also sets one price and sticks
to it regardless of the duration/number of visits. Our dentist sent all of his
own children to Dr. Kolin so we didn't really look elsewhere. We've been very
pleased with the office and treatment.


We used Dr. Joy Hudecz, offices on Joralemon Street in Bklyn Hts. as well as Union Street in Park Slope.  She's great, staff is great. Don't know if he she is considered "reasonable" - we didn't comparison shop, and I don't know what insurance she takes, if any (we paid cash and then got reimbursed by our insurance co.).  Highly recommended.
We're very happy with Joy Hudecz, who has offices in Park Slope and Brooklyn Heights. Very warm personality, reasonably well-run office, and efficient. And--very important--she seems genuinely to enjoy tweens and teens. 

We have used Joy Hudecz for our daughter ( now finished) and my son
( current) and it has been a fine experience.

They sometimes use tylonol or motrin on the day of tightening but
otherwise just complain about foods they can't eat anymore.

My daughter goes to Dr. Hudecz - she has offices in Park Slope and Bklyn Hts.  My daughter is almost 14 and has had braces for almost 3 years.  As the previous poster said - she only complains when they get tightened and she is not a great patient either.  We have been happy with Dr. Hudecz - she is very good and we have never had a problem with her.


Two of our kids have also had a great experience with Dr. Hudecz, and
she has an office in the Slope at the corner of 8th and Union. I assume
we'll need orthodontia for the third as well, and we'll be headed back
to see her if so.


Seek excellent orthodontist who accepts UFT dental plan

Absolutely!  I am a teacher and only had to be pay the co-payment of $500 for my son's braces when I went to Ives Tucker,
7105 21st Avenue, Brooklyn - (718) 256-0022.  He did excellent work! 


My brother-in-law is an oral surgeon and he encouraged us to use the orthodontists he used for his kids; Drs. Graziano and Weeman on Bay Ridge Parkway.

They aren't the cheapest but I can believe they are the best. All four of my kids have gone to them and each one has needed something different (e.g. palate expander, HRPS) and gotten it.

No one seems to mind having braces that show anymore, especially since they can decorate them with colors that can be changed very visit.

Specialists in Orthodontics 718-833-0672 7501 Fort Hamilton Parkway


No experience with invisalign, but my daughter goes to a great orthodontist who 
is a lot cheaper than others in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Free consultation too. You
could call to see if they offer invisalign.

Greg Fader
 Lower East Side Orthodontics

On Grand St., 5 min walk from the F at Delancey or East Broadway or the B or
D at Grand St.; easy meter parking right in front.


I can second the recommendation for Dr. Fader.  He had been recommended to us by our pediatric dentist, Lois Jackson.  When we went to him, we were shocked by his price -- he came in at half the estimate of a Brooklyn orthodontist who had also been recommended to us, a difference of more than three thousand dollars.  I checked with Dr. Jackson whether we would be sacrificing quality going with him, and she assured us we would not.  

So far, we've been very happy -- our first daughter is almost finished, and our second daughter is starting her treatment soon.  I asked him once how he could charge so little compared to others, and he said if he didn't, some of his patients would not be able to afford treatment at all -- which I considered very mensch-like of him (his practice is on the Lower East Side, and you will see all kinds of people in the waiting room, including Russian and Chinese immigrants).  He's very responsive, and I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for our appointments.


I would like to chime in about Dr. Fader. He is great!
Lovely, helpful, explanatory, kind to children and adults and his staff are also so very nice.


I've commented on Dr. Fader in the past-- but we had a great experience with him. He was reasonable, did a great job and everything about his office is pleasant. 


I took my son to Diamond Braces on Ave U close to Stillwell. The people there were super and made me feel comfortable about what was going on and the payment periods. They originally said that it was going to be around 5k if I remember. AT the time I had insurance that covered half of it so it wasn't going to be a super big deal since the whole process was going to take about 2 years. In between the start and finnish I lost the job that had the coverage and by the time we got the medicare in place ( which took months) he was nearing the end of his treatment. We owed something like 1800.00 and the dentist told us that since there is like two visits left and he was going to get a retainer, to just pay for the retainer and he let us go on the rest of the bill !! He totally didn't have to do that, it truly made my day and I almost cried. My son now has straight teeth and we are happy. I would always recommend them because of their honesty. Its not some fance pants park slope ortho..just real people. :)


At our orthodontist Invisalign was $2,000 more than regular braces.  My 13 yo daughter said she didn't want them  because she has seen them on others and thinks they look strange.  She said they fog up and make the person's mouth look a little "off."  I wasn't about to argue.
We go to Sophia Scantlebury at 10 Plaza St. and love her.


Both my sons go to Dr. Scantlebury on Plaza St. at Grand Army Plaza.  She's great.
They're all expensive.  Go with the one with whom you feel best, and who has the best location for you.

We were very happy with Dr. Sophia Scantlebury at 10 Plaza,
(718)230-5046. The treatment was about 2 years and the cost was around


Try Dr. Scantlebury, she is excellent and well located, right there
on Grand Army Plaza. We're very happy with her.

we are currently using Dr. King in Park Slope on union street. My 11 year old did not have as extensive work done, such as the enamel etc, but the braces are in the same $$ ball park and she had a palte widener last year. I interviewed a few orthodontists in Brooklyn and we liked him best ; my daughter and I both find him to be extremely nice and pleasant to be around. he was also one of the names we got from our pediatrician's office. He requires a deposit and then monthly payments on the balance.
We highly recommend him.


We used Dr. King too and were very happy with him and his staff. My daughter
was extremely comfortable with him and did not experience hardly any discomfort.
Location is great in the Slope on Union Street and if the days aren't good he
also has an office off Eastern Parkway that is very easy to get to as well.


We like Dr. King on Union Street in Park Slope.  We entered into a contract and paid every visit until the amount was met and   my son still goes every three to four weeks  for check ups. 
He talks to the kids at their age level and not below it, which many orthodontists and dentists have a tendency to do


We use Marie Magid 9 St/7Ave.does both
dentist/orthodontist work takes my plan in full
(teachers: Cigna).


We transferred from out of state (following our move) to Eisenberger and love his office and practice!  We feel very comfortable with him and his staff.  This is our second child with braces and third orthodontist due to this move - we would happily recommend him.


On Invisilign

At our orthodontist Invisalign was $2,000 more than regular braces.  My 13 yo daughter said she didn't want them  because she has seen them on others and thinks they look strange.  She said they fog up and make the person's mouth look a little "off."  I wasn't about to argue.


We went to Dr Ives Tucker in Bay Ridge and decided on Invisalign. It was about $2 - $3000 and the insurance paid half. My daughter is delighted with her new smile, and that she didn't have to wear braces.
I subsequently decided to get my bottom teeth straightened with Invisalign, too. They gave me a discount and the insurance paid half. Happy I did this.


My daughter's teeth issues were quite mild (just a gap between her two front teeth that she wanted closed), so she got Invisalign when she was 14. She was only supposed to need them for 12-15 months, but ended up wearing them for two years because she was not very disciplined at wearing them all the time. She wore them all the time in the beginning, but after several months started taking then out often or sometimes only sleeping in them. That being said, they did a great job fixing her teeth and she was happy to have them. She was not the most disciplined with them, but it worked out fine and she was happy. We used Sophia Scantlebury near Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn. We like her a lot. I thought the braces were pretty expensive, but don't really know the going rates. My friend, who lives in Westchester, recently got Invisalign for herself and paid half what I did for my daughter. She negotiated the price down to $3500 from $7000 or something like that.