Friday, March 26, 2010

Macaulay Honors College Presents The Summer Scholars Academy in Mathematics and Science at CCNY

The Macaulay Honors College Summer Scholars Academy in Mathematics and Science is a six-week CUNY College Now summer program that provides highly motivated high school students an opportunity to enroll in challenging college mathematics or science courses through two distinct academies, one for mathematics and the other for science. This summer's program will take place from July 6th through August 12th, Mondays through Thursdays from 9AM to 4PM at the City College of New York on 138th Street and Convent Avenue.

The Academy in Mathematics is structured to take advantage of the abilities of students who have progressed rapidly through the high school mathematics curricula. There will be an "Olympian" cohort that will be engaged on the same level as that of the American Math Competition and will be expected to have the skills required for local Math Team participation. Students in this cohort will need to have demonstrated strong math abilities and preference will be given to those who have completed their high school math courses with distinction. A "Junior Olympian" cohort will participate in similar activities as the "Olympian" cohort and will also receive introductory training in Math Olympics. Students in this cohort will need to have completed a High School Mathematics Course and it's Regents Exam with distinction.

Math Academy students will enroll in two college math courses (college credit may be awarded for successful completion of the program) and will also attend a series of "Prime Time Lectures", a daily hour-long lecture by guest scientists and mathematicians. In addition to the lecture series, groups of students will be organized into teams to participate in weekly mock math team competitions. All students will enroll in Basic Ideas in Mathematics. The "Olympian" cohort will then take Bridge to Advanced Mathematics. The "Junior Olympian" cohort will enroll in College Algebra and Trigonometry. The daily schedule will also include a supervised homework and lab period

In the Mathematics program, courses will include (tentatively, based upon registration):
  • MATH 18500 (Basic Ideas in Mathematics - Intro to Problem-Solving) - all students
  • MATH 19000 (College Algebra & Trigonometry) - Jr. Olympian
  • MATH 30800 (Bridge to Higher Mathematics) - Olympian
The Academy in Science is open to students who have successfully completed a rigorous sequence of high school math and science courses. Students can choose between two areas of study:
  • Genomics & Structural Bioinformatics or
  • Chemistry (Principals of Atomic Theory) & Physics (Understanding the Universe).

Students interested in the Bioinformatics track must have demonstrated strong math skills and students in the Chemistry/Physics track must have a good understanding of science and shown a keen interest in studying advanced scientific theories.

Science Academy students will enroll in two college science courses (college credit may be awarded for successful completion of the program) which were designed to engage students in the practical applications of mathematics and art in the field of science. Students enrolled in these courses will also attend the daily "Prime Time Lecture" series and participate in the weekly mock math team competitions.

In the Bioinformatics program, courses will include:
  • CHEMISTRY 31501 (Computational Skills in Bioinformatics).
  • SCIENCE 31601 (Geonomics & Structural Bioinformatics)
In the Physics/Chemistry, students will take the following courses:
  • PHYSICS 31407 (Understanding the Universe)
  • CHEMISTRY 31800 (Principles of Atomic Theory).


This program is open to NYC public high school students who will be entering the 10th, 11th or 12th grades in fall of 2010. Admission criteria will include a review of each applicant's grade point average, courses completed, and strength of their teacher recommendation. In addition to maintaining an overall GPA of 85 or above, applicants must also meet the following criteria:
  • students interested in the Mathematics Academy "Junior Olympian" must have successfully passed (or be scheduled to complete) a High School Mathematics Course and it's Regents Exam with distinction.
  • students interested in the "Olympian" cohort must have successfully passed (or be scheduled to complete) an advanced mathematics course (Math B, Geometry or higher) and it's Regents exam with distinction
  • students interested in the Bioinformatics program must have successfully passed one Regents science AND either Math A or Integrated Algebra course (or equivalent) and Regents exam with distinction
  • students interested in applying to the Physics/Chemistry program must have a strong science background and have passed the Math A or Integrated Algebra Regents (or equivalent) and one Science Regents with distinction

Students MUST commit to attending the program all day, every day for the duration of the program.
Non-medically excused absences may result in the denial of college credit.

Application and Deadlines

Students interested in applying to this summer's program must complete the two part application process that includes 1- registering online (see the link below) and 2- submitting all application forms (transcript, teacher recommendation, and record of immunization) no later than 5PM on FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2010.(You can get a copy of your immunization from the school nurse.) Decisions will be made and students will be notified via email by June 7, 2010.

Return all completed application materials to:

Macaulay Honors College Summer Scholars Academy @ CCNY
c/o Marianne Booufall-Tynan
Director of Enrollment Management
Macaulay Honors College
35 West 67th Street
New York, NY 10023

If you have any questions, please contact us at
Note: This program, sponsored by The Macaulay Honors College of CUNY will be hosted at the City College of New York on 138th Street and Convent Avenue.
Click Here to Apply to the Macaulay Honors College Summer Scholars Program for Mathematics and Science at CCNY

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Spring Program at Uproar Art

This Spring Break it’s March Radness at Spacecraft!

Wondering what to do with all those free hours during spring break?  Worried about feeling pent up, or spending too much time inside in front of glowing screens?  Uproar Art has got your Spring Break art needs covered!
We’re welcoming spring with March Radness – three workshops about growing things, beautifying our environment and creating art along with the changing of the seasons. Each workshop is offered in two sections on separate days.  The workshops are accessible for ages 5 – 14, and though the materials will be the same for all ages, the instruction and implements will vary so that no one feels bored or left behind.  All workshops are 1.5 hours long, held from 3 pm – 4:30 pm at Spacecraft.  The cost of the workshops is $30, all materials are provided, and you must register at least 2 days in advance via phone (646 353 3207) or email – see our sign me up page for more info.
The workshops are….drum roll please……….
Decorative Vessels: Decorate your own flower pot, and plant a baby plant of your choice.
Painting “en Plein Air” :  Enjoy the warmer temperatures by painting landscape and plant life outside.
Recycled Terrariums: Make a self-watering terrarium for a seedling out of recycled soda bottles or jars.
Full descriptions can be found at our Events page, including dates, super-reasonable costs and times…we hope to see you there!
Also, stay tuned for news about Uproar’s summer camp plans and our Earth Day event in McCarren Park…spring is shaping up to be pretty busy around here, just the way we like it.

Public Theater's programs for Teens


Bringing your kids to the Delacorte this summer? Give them a head start with:

: A five-day intensive theater lab for young actors, directors and other theater artists.
Monday March 29 through Friday April 2 10 AM–4PM
Act, direct, design, paint, draw, and compose your way to a new understanding of two Shakespearean Classics: The Merchant of Venice and The Winter’s Tale. Shakespeare Spring Break, is for young people ages 13 to 17. It uses creative arts to engender a deep and personal connection to each play.
A MIDSUMMER DAY’S CAMP — August 2–14, 2010
A summer acting conservatory serving New York’s new generation of Shakespearean actors. Includes an intense regimen of training in voice, movement, acting, text, stage combat, clown and more. Study with the faculty of the acclaimed Shakespeare Lab professional training program and special guests from The Public’s family of artists. A Midsummer Day's camp is a chance for young actors aged 13-18 to perform on stage at The Public Theater.
For more info on the program and tuition call Ian Hersey at 212.539.8656 or email

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gordon & Glaser MDs add Teen only hours!

My daughter is a patient at this practice and they are adding a new service for teens :

Just an FYI that the office of Gordon and Glaser has expanded!
We are now setting aside afternoon and early evening sessions exclusively for adolescents. The goal is to permit teenagers a one-on-one session with their physician free of the presence of smaller children.  It is our belief that this will reinforce the need of young adults for privacy and confidentiality, creating a new, closer, and more productive patient-doctor relationship. These hours help us put the focus on the unique health issues of our teenage patients.
    Dr. Glaser and Dr. Gordon each have decades of experience providing care to adolescents. Dr. Glaser is fellowship trained in Adolescent medicine and has a long resume of teen-only care, including clinics at The Door, El Puente, Elmhurst Adolescent Clinic, Soho Adolescents and Barnard College .
Glaser & Gordon MDs
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
60 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn , New York 11217
718 636 0999
Amy Glaser & Phillipa Gordon

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Summer Programs at the Center for Architecture Foundation

The Center for Architecture Foundation is an award-winning architecture and design education organization dedicated to promoting a broader appreciation of the built environment. Our main education initiatives, Learning by Design: NY and Programs@theCenter, foster students' skills in observation, critical thinking, problem solving and creativity.


Explore architecture and design at the Center for Architecture this summer!

Summer Studios run Monday through Friday, 9am - 4pm at the Center for Architecture. Each week explores a different topic in architecture and design through art and building activities, walking tours, and special site visits. Students bring their own lunch daily.

Program ages are grade levels in Fall 2010. Classes are limited to 18 students; 10 students for Digital Design classes. Tuition is $400/week.

To register, send in the 2-page registration form and a $100 non-refundable deposit for each program to the Center for Architecture Foundation, 536 LaGuardia Place, NY, NY 10012; 212-696-5022 fax. Confirmation will be sent upon receipt. Full payment due May 1.

Some scholarships are available. Send in your completed Scholarship Application with your registration.

Download the Summer 2010 Program flyer. (Legal size)

June 21 – 25

Intro to Digital Design: 6 – 12 grade

In this program held in the Center's computer lab, students will learn how to create their own 3D architectural designs using Google Sketch-Up. Students will also create hand drawings and models to help make connections between digital and physical designs. Program is limited to 10 students to allow for individualized instruction and pacing.

Model Magic: 3 – 5 grade

Do you love making stuff? Learn how to use a wide variety of materials to create your own architectural models. Students will create models of different types of buildings using cardboard, wire, fabric, wood and recycled materials, learning about architectural parts, building types and design concepts as they go.

June 28 – July 9 (no class July 5)

Architectural Design Studio: 9 – 12 grade

High School students interested in exploring the field of architecture and developing their portfolios will get a thorough introduction to the design process in this two-week intensive studio. Focused around a studio design project, students will learn how to work through an architectural program, from site analysis and developing a design concept, to creating scale drawings, models and digital renderings of their design for a final presentation. Studio class will be supplemented by visits to architectural and engineering offices, walking tours and guest lectures.

July 19 – 23

A Room of One’s Own: 6 - 8 grade

Students will learn about architectural scale drawing and model-making as they design and build their own dream apartments. Starting with a room that uniquely meets their needs and interests, students will expand on this to create a scale model of a complete apartment. Site visits to unique apartments will provide inspiration and new ideas.

Intermediate Digital Design: 9 – 12 grade

Students already familiar with Google Sketch-up will launch right into a design project in this advanced digital design studio. The studio project will also include site visits, model building and a final presentation. Program is limited to 10 students.

July 26 – 30

Waterfront Parks: 6 - 8 grade

The development of parks along the city’s waterfront has been a major initiative of public and private groups for the past decade. Where are the city’s great waterfront parks, and how do they meet the needs of so many different New Yorkers? Students in this program will visit and analyze some of NYC’s best and newest waterfront parks, then create their own designs for a new park along the city’s edge.

August 2 – 6

Bridges: 3 - 5 grade

Popular demand for this exciting topic has prompted a week-long studio focusing on bridges. Students will visit some of NYC’s great and lesser known bridges to learn about the many different types of bridges and how they work. Students will put their new knowledge to the test as they create several models of different types of bridges, including a final bridge of their own design.

August 9 – 13

Playground Design: 3 - 5 grade

Kids are the experts in this week-long studio focusing on the design of playgrounds. The class will visit several unique playgrounds in the city to assess their design features by playing (of course!) and conducting on-site analysis through surveys, drawings and user interviews. Students will create a model of their own working piece of playground equipment and work together as a group to design and build their own ideal playground.

Intermediate Digital Design: 6 – 8 grade

Students already familiar with Google Sketch-up will launch right into a design project in this advanced digital design studio. The studio project will also include site visits, model building and a final presentation. Program is limited to 10 students.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Way to Work (Formerly known as Vocational Foundation Inc. (VFI))

Our Program

VFI circa 1940'sThe Way to Work was launched in 1936 (formerly known as VFI) by an ambitious lawyer looking to help young men leaving prison get the basic skills they needed to get a GED, land a job and transition into becoming productive members of society.

Today, The Way to Work is one of the most successful youth workforce development programs in the nation, with more than 82% of clients retaining their jobs after a full year of employment.

How to Enroll

Enroll today!Take charge of your future!

If you are between the ages of 17 and 24 and interested in job training, check out The Way to Work!

Walk-ins are welcome every Monday through Friday at 9am. You will learn more about our programs and your reading and math skills will be evaluated in an entrance exam (TABE Test).

Clients should be prepared to be at The Way to Work’s offices for a few hours. Be sure to arrange for child care, there are no child care facilities on site. You do not need to bring your parents.

Interview process: if applicants score the grade level required for The Way to Work programs they will be invited back to meet with staff for an interview. After the interview applicants will be notified by the recruitment department of their status in the program. This process may take several days depending on scheduling

You will need to bring specific documents when you apply. Please come see us even If you do not have all of the following documents ready:

  • Proof of Employment Eligibility/Citizenship: Birth Certificate , U.S. Passport, Resident Alien Card, Naturalization Certificate
  • Social Security Card
  • Economic Eligibility (bring in one of the following: legal guardian’s pay stub, letter of support, public assistance budget/letter with ID, SSI Award Letter, Student Pay or Unemployment Check Stub
  • Proof of Address (bring in one of the following: Lease, utility bill, computer printout of government agency, State ID.)
  • Additional Documents include immunization records, proof of PPD tests and school transcripts

You may print out our application for enrollment, complete it and fax it to 212-823-1060, Attn: Joseph Gonzalez or MarVi Shumaker-Pruitt.

For more information, please call our one of our Recruitment Specialists, Joseph Gonzalez, at 212-823-1035 or MarVi Shumaker-Pruitt at 212-823-1052.