Monday, June 3, 2013

Build a Lifetime Mother-Daughter Bond

Build a Lifetime Mother-Daughter Bond

July 19-21 @ BAX, 421 5th Avenue, in Park Slope

Through ritual, storytelling, art, and exercises in communication, this special workshop will help:
            + Gain tools that build bridges and keep those bridges strong through the teen years.
            + Address issues of motherhood, mentoring, trusting your intuition, and developing your emotional intelligence.  
            + See your daughters learn to share their vision and express their feelings.

          Friday, July 19th (7pm- 9pm)
          Saturday July 20th (9:15 am-12:30pm; 2:30-5pm)
          Sunday July 21st (9: 15am-12:30pm)
Registration: $550 per mother-daughter team. Registration closes June 15th and spaces are limited. Register via PayPal :

Sil Reynolds: When Sil is not leading workshops, she is a nurse practitioner and therapist in private practice in New York’s Hudson Valley. She has worked with mothers and daughters of all ages, helping them to create balanced and meaningful lives for more than 30 years.
Eliza ReynoldsEliza Reynolds is a workshop leader, author, speaker, and “professional big sister.” She is a certified teen mediator, S.O.S. trained counselor by Planned Parenthood. Eliza is a student at Brown University, where she is studying gender, psychology, political science, religion, and dance.

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