Thursday, January 1, 2015

Workshop : Let's Talk Technology and Tweens/Teens

How was gadget use over Holiday Break?  Need some tips on how to keep the tech use in check?  

PSP Event: Let's Talk Technology and Tweens/Teens


Overwhelmed by all the news about what kids are doing online, on their phones, and on Instagram? 
Do you feel like you’re way too far behind in the quest to get a grip on all of the social networking sites and apps your child is or might be using? 
Do you need some reassurance about the whole digital social scene your child is navigating?  And most of all, do you want some perspective?

Come get some information, some perspective and some reassurance.   Katherine Fry, PhD, is a media studies professor and media literacy educator with years of experience teaching about and researching media, and working with young people in digital media literacy.   She will give you the picture, big and small, of the digital landscape, and will help you to understand what your child is doing and how you can understand and best support them and yourself as we all continue to grow into the digitally-connected environment.

When:             Wednesday, January 7, 2014
Time:               7 PM until 9 PM
Where:            Old Stone House, 336 3rd St ( 5th Ave) in Brooklyn, NY

 PSP Member : $25
 Non Member : $30
Partner/Spouse: $20

Katherine G. Fry, PhD, Media Literacy Educator, will give us some much-needed information about how to manage our digital relationships.  She will help us understand what it means to grow up in a digitally-connected world. 
Hope to see you there!