Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gordon & Glaser MDs add Teen only hours!

My daughter is a patient at this practice and they are adding a new service for teens :

Just an FYI that the office of Gordon and Glaser has expanded!
We are now setting aside afternoon and early evening sessions exclusively for adolescents. The goal is to permit teenagers a one-on-one session with their physician free of the presence of smaller children.  It is our belief that this will reinforce the need of young adults for privacy and confidentiality, creating a new, closer, and more productive patient-doctor relationship. These hours help us put the focus on the unique health issues of our teenage patients.
    Dr. Glaser and Dr. Gordon each have decades of experience providing care to adolescents. Dr. Glaser is fellowship trained in Adolescent medicine and has a long resume of teen-only care, including clinics at The Door, El Puente, Elmhurst Adolescent Clinic, Soho Adolescents and Barnard College .
Glaser & Gordon MDs
Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine
60 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn , New York 11217
718 636 0999
Amy Glaser & Phillipa Gordon

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