Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What are your kids doing for SPRING BREAK??

What are your kids doing for SPRING BREAK??

They are invited to join us for the ART 
EXCEL Program (Ages 8-13) or YES! Youth Empowerment Seminar (14-18). Both are dynamic programs that interactively engage kids to do something fun, educational,  extremely valuable, and potentially life-changing at the same time.  

Over 40,000 kids from all across the country (and more around the world) have gone through these programs, and we're still growing!


Spring Break: Mon-Thurs April 14-1710am-3pm each day.


Our venue is currently set to be at 30th and 5th Ave in Manhattan.
However, if substantial registrations come from Brooklyn families, we will have a Park Slope venue (TBA)!

About the Course:
These initial 20-hour seminars are comprehensive. They include practical tools for stress management, relaxation, problem solving strategies, leadership training, social skills development, and creative projects. 

Courses will provide:
Breathing techniques
Fun yoga
Socially engaging processes
A take-home daily practice 
Free follow up sessions for participants
Group of close friends
Such vital skills enable children (people) to nurture greater inner strength for managing negative emotions, conflict, peer pressure and criticism, while fostering better child-parent relationships, friendships, and academic achievement.
For more info about ART EXCEL, including a VIDEO, visit:
Direct link to video:

Recently published study about the effect of the YES! course on teen impulsivity:

About Us:

The Youth Empowerment Seminar and the ART Excel courses are projects of IAHV (International Association for Human Values), a humanitarian NGO and The Art of Living Foundation.

Click below for registration:*

Ages 8-13:
Ages 14-18:!springbreak 

*Register by March 31 and get the Early Bird Discount!
If you have any questions at all, please contact:
Angela Hanna
610-762-0822 or

We are looking forward to two wonderful courses!

The YES! and ART 
EXCEL Teams 

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