Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scholarship Opportunity for High School Juniors

The Richard and Mica Hadar Foundation, established in 1993, offers college scholarships to high school students who demonstrate talent in any of the creative arts. 

By providing scholarships, seminars and a mentoring program, the foundation supports young scholars who might not otherwise be able to attend college. The scholarship amount varies depending on financial need.

We invite you to nominate students for our 2015 Class by May 15, 2014.

WE ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR JUNIORS—meaning, we are asking you to nominate students who are currently juniors in their spring semester. These students will then be seniors in September 2014.

We have created an ONLINE NOMINATION PORTAL atwww.hadarfoundation.org where you can nominate students. You will be receiving the username and password to this portal this week in a separate email. Once you have received your username and password, please go towww.hadarfoundation.org and enter it in the upper right hand corner; on the bottom of the screen the nominator forms will appear. Please fill out one nomination form per student. All nominator forms must be submitted digitally by May 15, 2014 through this new submission process. Once you have submitted your nomination per student, that student will receive a username and password on the Hadar Foundation website to submit their application which is due by June 30, 2014. We’ve gone completely digital! 

Any questions, please email: beth@hadarfoundation.org

The selection criteria for the scholarship is:
· FINANCIAL NEED: Students who do not have the satisfactory means to attend college may apply. Please email our Finance Director, Ann Feminella with any questions about financial aid: ann@hadarfoundation.org.

· RESPONSIBLE/INTELLIGENT & INTERESTING STUDENTS: Students who have passed all their regents and who have a good high school transcript along with a demonstrated interest in their particular creative discipline.

· DEMONSTRATED TALENT IN EITHER THE PERFORMING, LITERARY, OR THE VISUAL ARTS: Students must be proficient in their art discipline—i.e. if they want to be an actor; they must be working toward that goal in school/out-of-school time. No samples of work needed except from writers; writers must submit up to 5 pages. We are counting on the nominators to select the most talented students.

If you know of any other organizations with strong art programs that might be interested in nominating talented young artists to us, please let us know and we will contact them directly.

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