Thursday, November 14, 2013

Journalist Request

Hello NY Parents of Teens,

We are a reporter and videographer team working with to expand our video coverage of parenting issues. Right now we’re seeking parents and teens who would be interested in talking on camera with reporter and parent Kelly Wallace about issues they face in a low impact environment. In particular we are seeking parents who would be interested in discussing the following topics: 
  •  Over-stressed teens and parents: the pressures on teens to perform academically and in sports and afterschool activities;
  •  Teen driving- the responsibilities of driving and mistakes we make while operating a vehicle;
  •  Healthy bodies: helping teens eat right and feel good about their bodies 
  •  Strong positive communication between parents and teens.

Please reach out to me if you feel you might be interested or have any questions at all!

Thanks so much!
Mimi Schiffman
Digital Content Producer/Editor
cell: 415.318.9729