Thursday, September 8, 2011

High School Info from the NYC Board of Education

High School Admissions: Where Do I Start? The Summer Workshop's Session 1 Handout is now available in translated versions here 

Specialized High Schools   
The Summer Workshop's Session 2 Handout is now available.  

Make Informed Decisions The Summer Workshop's Session 3 Handouts are now available.    

Helpful Resources and Information 
High school publications, including the Specialized High Schools Handbook and the online searchable high school directory, are available on our Publications page, in English and translated versions.

Be sure to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) , read about your choices and how the admissions process works, and review our Guide for Students Receiving Special Education Services 

Visit the Calendar and Events  page to find out about the Fall 2011 high school admissions calendar.

If you have questions about high school admissions, call 718-935-2399, or email us at

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