Thursday, April 7, 2011

trilok fusion arts

the program
Our summer program exposes children ages 2 to 15 to, music, drumming, gardening, theater, cooking, languages, art, and much more.

Our 22,000 sqaure foot center in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, is a creative vibrant setting for children to explore, learn and interact by finding new ways to express themselves every summer. Trilok Fusion Arts is dedicated to being a gateway to sights and sounds from around the world. Our highly qualified teachers are artists in their respective fields and come from all around the world, carrying a special enriching experience for your child. Each teacher is dedicated to sharing the love they have for their craft. Our director Sudha Seetharaman is an Indian classical dancer by training and believes in the transformative universal nature of the arts. This is the spirit our programs embody bringing a passion for exploration, learning and discovery.

trilok fusion arts was founded in 1996. Our mission is to bring together artists of varied cultural backgrounds, to collaborate and create work and performances that embody the roots of their respective traditions
and find a common language in the space of art & performance. Through our multi-cultural programming, and the fusion of diverse art forms, Trilok Fusion aims to preserve tradition while inspiring audiences and students to develop a solid understanding of their art and deep appreciation for world cultures.

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