Thursday, August 26, 2010

Survey for Parents of 18-30 year olds

  Are you the parent of an 18-30 year old and would you like to
answer a questionnaire for a new book on emerging adulthood?

Parenting doesn’t end when kids leave for college, move out of the house ... or back in! How does the relationship between parents and their late teen and 20-something sons and daughters evolve during this stage of life? What are the questions and decisions facing today’s young people? What are the questions and decisions facing you? And exactly how involved should you be in each other’s lives?

For this book to be published by Workman Publishing, local writer Elizabeth Fishel  (author of Sisters and Reunion, among others) is collaborating with Clark University developmental psychologist Jeffrey Arnett who coined the term “emerging adulthood” to describe the transitional time between adolescence and adulthood. (Jeff’s work was featured in a recent NY Times magazine cover story which you can read at

We have developed an online questionnaire to find out parents' opinions about this life-stage, and we'd very much appreciate your going to the link below and filling it out online.  It takes about 15-20 minutes and makes you eligible for a drawing for $100 cash.

To fill out the questionnaire please go to

Thanks for your help, and we’d also be grateful if you passed along the link to friends with 20-somethings.

Elizabeth Fishel

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