Monday, October 26, 2009

Update on H1N1 Vaccination Schedule in/out of Schools

The City encourages all parents to have their children vaccinated by the child’s medical provider. This year the Health Department is also working with schools to offer the H1N1 vaccine at no cost to parents at elementary schools starting in late October/early November. The School H1N1 Vaccination will cover approximately 1 million students and 1,342 schools, including 301 D75 schools and 341 non-public schools. The City will also run free public H1N1 vaccination clinics on weekends in each borough for middle and high school students.

Location & Dates for these clinics is listed here

The City has established a schedule for conducting H1N1 vaccinations in elementary schools. Phase One will begin on October 28th in elementary schools with nurses and less than 400 students. Phase Two will begin on November 4th in some schools with more than 600 students. Phase Three will follow on November 9th. It will cover the remaining large schools, as well as schools with between 400 and 600 students. It will also include small schools that are attached to larger schools, and small schools that don't have their own nurses. Dates are approximate and will depend on vaccine supply and other variables. These voluntary immunizations will be held during regular school hours and will last approximately eight weeks.

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