Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Recommended Tutors

tutor for writing and reading comprehension

**we really liked berit anderson 917 797 9872

** really wonderful tutor named David Stone -- problem is he is
on the Upper West Side so it's a huge hassle going back and forth from
Park Slope. However, he's been so helpful to my son -- both in
improving his writing skills and in helping his self-esteem. His
number is (646)329-4546.

7th grade tutor for math and ELA?

**We've used Judith Ferronbach, park Slope Tutorial for severla
years and we love her. She's on 12th Street in the SLope. Halped my daughter
with classes and preparing for Specialized High Shcool test. Also goo dwith
Spanish! Great with 7th grade math. 718-499 3899. Price is very reasonable.

** Naomi Bushman at Testing Plus in Manhattan

ISO Tutor Specialized High School Exam

** Naomi Bushman at Testing Plus in Manhattan

Math Tutor for 7th Grader

** Hi, we have a great tutor that we used for the last two years in math. we have referrred him to both girls and boys grades 5 thru 10 and everyone has raved about him. His name is Will Petzel 917-679-4196

**We just started with a new math tutor about 2 weeks ago. He has a
Master's in education, teaches middle school, and my son really likes
him compared to other tutor's we have used. He also travels to our
home and I believe he lives really close to Brooklyn Heights.

Name is Alex: 917-595-6979 or 718-768-2383

we had our girl work with Judith at Park Slope Tutorial on Math, actually
it was way more math than English. She also has at least two others who are
great who are on her staff now. 12th street park slope, no house visits as far
as I know, but always worth asking


I highly recommend, Akim Osse. Here’s her contact info:

mobile (917) 519-6549

fantastic2torkim@ aol.com

Even though my son doesn’t work with her now, he says he still uses a lot of the strategies that she taught him. She works with a number of kids in Park Slope.


Lisa Bowstead of Big Fish Tutoring is great. She is very patient and has a great rapport with the kids. She tutored my daughter for about a year and helped her through a tough time.
She is also a member of this site and mom to a teen herself.

SAT Tutoring

Chris Ajemian
Chris is www.catestutoring.com

Naomi Bushman
Naomi is naomi.bushman@verizon.net

We used Brad Harris He's wonderful!!

Zack from Private Prep for the SAT Literature subject test
- though he could tutor the english/reading part of the regular SAT ... We had
great results with them...
Their phone number is (212) 379-6662 and they will work with you on price.


For the regular SAT - my daughter us L.B. Eisen for the math ... She can be
reached at 917 806 0801 or at <tutor@gothamtutor.com>


Another tutor I would recommend, Jason Reed, lives in Park Slope but can
travel. He¹s a 21 year old college student, very smart (Stuyvesant grad,
National Merit Scholar, 800 Math and English SATs) but also very patient and
good with middle/high schoolers. He tutors math and does standardized test
prep -- SATs and specialized high school entrance exams. $25/hour.

jdsreed@drifab. com
718 909 4445


and another family I know in the Slope used Michael Giles for SAT/ACT test prep and college essay assistance.  He's on 4th Street and can be reached at 718-768-2372 or michaelgiles@ earthlink. net .  I would recommend him.  I also know a few families in the Slope who went to Judith at Park Slope Tutorial; my kids went to her over the years for math tutoring and other things so my son wanted a change (and a male tutor) for SAT.  She's on 12th Street and can be reached at 718-499-3899 or 8409 or pstutorial@aol. com . 


I loved using Thinking Caps Tutoring.
It was very a thoughtful approach to my kids' learning and test taking


I highly recommend Ed Antoine for SAT Prep. 

Ed has hired me to work on projects and to 
help administer his larger classes. I have 
had the pleasure of watching him work with 
students, and he is a top-notch test-prep 


My son did the beta test of an on line class for Knewton, and it was

Spanish Tutor

Try http://www.donquijote.com, excellent 4 him right now and not expensive

One of the teachers at my daughter's school (Bay Ridge Prep) has a fabulous reputation for tutoring kids at MS 51. Her name is Sara Hutton. Her BRP e-mail addr is:

Both my kids have spanish tutors through central park tutors (they
are actually out of Brooklyn). It is a small very
personalized group of teachers/tutors. I have been using them for a
few years and have never been disappointed with anyone who has
helped my kids. They have a website http://www.centralparktutors.com


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  3. Can the person who recommended Jason Reed give me a bit more info about what's like to work with him? Feel free to contact me off the post:
    avivrich@earthlink.net or 718-768-8232. thanks!

  4. My daughter has been doing individual test prep through http://www.thinkingcapstutoring.com/ and I really feel that it is money well spent. She took the SAT once and we ordered the detailed score report. Alexandra was able to determine exactly what she needed to work on and the tutor best suited to help. She is gaining confidence every day.

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  6. I am the creator and manage of 'The Tutoring Collective'. A resource group for parents to find excellent, trusted, brilliant connecting tutors at reasonable prices. In 3 years we have worked with over 800 families. This is from word-of-mouth because the tutors in our resource group are exceptional. K-12, all subjects, all test prep. The tutors are 25-35 years old and connect with the students. They are highly educated and trained. I have used many of the tutors. I am a NYC person with 3 teen boys. We have used these tutors as well. They are created miracles. We have over 800 families that are thrilled and keep coming back and recommending us.I speak to every parent and find that great match where the student looks forward to seeing this brilliant connecting 'cool' tutor. We also work with students on organization and 'executive function' - it's been an amazing experience. 800 families and growing. This creates wonderful relationships: Call Laurie
    917-494-0075. LMarvald@erols.com

  7. Thanks for these suggestions. It is really good to have some options. We tried the SAT prep long island before and it was good. They will really guide your child and teach them everything properly.