Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Parents of Addicted Teens/Young Adults Group

More teens are addicted to opiates than at any other time in our history.  Marijuana is 28 times stronger now than when we were in high school.  And if you are a parent of an addicted teen or young adult, you are suffering.  It is time to take action.  And a group is forming that is so much more than just a support group.  It is:

A Course of Action for Parents and others Affected by Another’s Addiction
(A Process & Support Group Combined with Concrete Guidance and Psycho-Education)

The group’s purpose is to actively assist those impacted by another’s addiction, most notably, parents of teens and young adults.  

This group sets itself apart from all others because it includes psycho-education, feedback, and processing of events and feelings, in addition to offering confidential,
non-judgemental support. 

 Member participation is a key component, as are the contributions of the co-facilitators, a Columbia-educated therapist, and a Parent/Family & Recovery Coach
and Interventionist who is in recovery herself.  They each lend a different, complementary perspective to the process.

Topics include:  
The family disease of addiction
 Navigating the crowded, confusing array of treatment providers and modalities
 The new normal:  Modern/nontraditional treatment for your loved one - and YOU
 and so much more.

The co-facilitators are:  Alana Carvalho, LMFT, LMHC, CASACT and Sydney (Syd) Weiss, BA, CASACT, NCRC (Nationally Cert. Recovery Coach & Interventionist)

This is a 16 week group (it will not meet during holiday weeks) and a maximum of 12 participants will be accepted.  It is a closed group, meaning you intend to attend each meeting, and also 
meaning that no new members will be joining the group once it starts.  In this way, it is more like a “course” or class than a group.  It also sets itself apart in other ways (see above, or write to for more info.)

The group may be reimbursable by insurance if you have Out of network behavioral health/substance abuse benefits.  This is different for each individual and their exact health insurance plan.
Therefore we make no guarantees that insurance will cover you, but we will assist you in trying to get reimbursed if you choose to join the group, and we will answer any questions regarding this
beforehand, by email.  We will not use group time to discuss this.

For more information/to join, write to and send a brief email with your name and “please send info re group"

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