Thursday, September 4, 2014

Gotham Girls Roller Derby -- Junior Derby!

Who can join?

The GGRD Junior Derby league is the place for any girls and young women between the ages of 8 and 17 yearsinterested in learning the sport of roller derby and working on skating and derby skills. We welcome all skill levels, but ask that you are able to comfortably stand in your skates and make it around the track without holding on to walls or people.
How is it structured?
All new skaters will start in one of our ten-week Basic & Beginners sessions. These classes will start by covering basic skating form, stops, starts, and safe falls. Skaters will then start learning to skate in partnerships and in packs and will eventually work their way up to light contact (positional blocking, lean-outs, hitting form). After each ten-week session, there will be an opportunity for a Skills Assessment to determine scrimmage-readiness. Once skaters have passed their skills assessments, they will be eligible to take advanced classes and start scrimmaging.
Basics & Beginners,10-week session
Thursdays from 5-7pm, starting September 5, 2013:

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