Friday, January 6, 2012

Scholarship opportunity for graduates of public schools in the Bronx!

The Seinfeld Scholarship Program awards high school students who have achieved
academic excellence and committed themselves to community service.

Inspired to give back to the city they love, Jerry Seinfeld and his family
established The Seinfeld Scholarship Program in 2000. Since its inception, the
scholarship program has provided college scholarships to more than 190 public
school students throughout New York City.

Seinfeld Scholars receive a four-year scholarship to the college or university
of the student's choice. The Seinfeld Scholarship Program will cover up to
$10,000 of any unmet need the students have, including books, room and board,
tuition, etc. Recipients are also given personal support throughout the year, as
well as access to college prep programs, mentoring and service opportunities.

The program operates on a rotating basis. Each year, scholarships are awarded to
students who attend public schools in a specified borough of New York City.
Applicants for the 2012 program must be graduating in June 2012 from a New York
City public high school in the BRONX.

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